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Kathleen Bitetti is a practicing visual artist based in Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.). Since the early 1990s, her art work has involved the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical objects, installations and community based projects. Research, unassuming and often undetectable autobiographical references, historical references, contemporary sociopolitical issues, and sewing are very important to Bitetti and help to comprise the foundation she builds on for all of her artworks. Her work deconstructs the American dream, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of our childhood and adult culture. Her work also often addresses gender roles/gender assignment, class/caste systems, the fragility of family dynamics, domestic violence, and the underlying threads of violence and danger that underpin American society.

She has an extensive exhibition history and her work is in the permanent collections of the DeCordova Museum and the New Bedford Art Museum. A long term art project she has been focusing on is ThePrincessProject.com. She has also been an artist in residence at several places. She is an artist in residence in the Alumni Program at Julie's Family Learning Program. From 2015-16, she was an artist & instigator in residence at The Next Mile Project. Prior to these residencies, Bitetti was an artist in residence in the City of Quincy via the Quincy Historical Society.* for 2005-13 and she was in residence at Gozo Contemporary (Malta) in October 2009.

Starting on July 18th, 2017 and ending on June 20th, 2018, as part of her performative public art work, Crossings: Abigail was Here (Boston), Bitetti will leave at least one artwork per month at a place Abigail Adams lived, visited, or frequented in colonial Boston (U.S.A). Bitetti will post on her facebook page when she plans to leave an art behind for this year long work. This is Bitetti’s fifth major work about Abigail Adams. In January 2016, she had a solo exhibition, "Remember the Ladies..." at the Next Mile Project. This show featured her existing art work and ongoing art projects that focus on Abigail Adams. A small wall installation work that directly referenced her Abigail -Boston "performative" project was included in "A Group Thing", a group show at the Thomas Young Gallery (11.5.16 to 1.14.17). "Crossing: Abigail was Here (Boston)" is a continuation of her 2010 UK Crossings performative piece.

Some more highlights of her art practice: During May- June 2010, she particpated in several public art projects in connection with the 2010 London Biennale. Also in May 2010, Kathleen was a visiting artist at Dartington College of Arts (U.K.). Kathleen completed two anonymous performative actions in Boston, MA. For You on December 18, 2011 for International Migrants Day and Safe Passage on Septebmer 11 and October 7, 2011 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the U.S. and the start of the Afghan War/War on Terror. February - March 2012, Kathleen's work was included in a group show at Simmon's Trustman Gallery. Her work was featured in a group show, Made in Medway, at the Stone Mill Gallery (April 7 - June 8, 2012). She also collaborated in the spring of 2012 on Engaged- a project at Mass College of Art & Design that featured free monthly events and an exhibit, About & Engaged. Please see the PDF flier for more information. In August of 2012, she hosted her Tea & Conversation events at the Massachusetts State House and at Gallery Kayafas. These Tea & Conversation events were in connection with 2012 London Biennale. In 2013, three of Bitetti's works were included in the group show, "The Other 'F' Work- The Future of Feminism Today" at the Art Gallery at Bunker Hill Community College (March 7th to April 5th). On the first day of Fall, September 22, 2013, she began “Words”- a solo long term daily performative public art project for 175 days. Two of her works on paper were included in the group show, Scraps (images), at the Distillery Gallery in Boston (December 4, 2013 to January 11, 2014). A study for a new installation in development was on view in the group show, The Departed, at the Distillery Gallery from March 5 to April 7, 2014 (images of the show). The exhibition featured a selection of former Distillery artists and was curated by former Distillery Gallery director, Scott Chase. Her "HERE" performative public art project took place October 18-31, 2014 in Boston, MA and NYC, NY.

For more information on Kathleen's art work, see the following links: artist statement, resume, bio, an essay on her work, and a 2009 interview that has images of her work as well as links to other articles on her art. For a list of her most recent and upcoming shows/projects: Projects To be kept up to date on her exhibitions and projects- friend her on facebook.

Press highlights about Kathleen: In 2008 she was denoted as a "Good Bostonian" by the Boston Weekly Dig for her advocacy and public policy work. CaughtinSouthie.com picked her to be their Character of the Month for August 2012 and she was also featured in 2012 in the Sommerville Times. The Massachusetts Cultural Council's blog, ArtSake, featured Bitetti on Oct. 30, 2013. Also in 2013 an interview with Kathleen and Todd Lester by MAP founding director, Janeil Engelstad entitled, "Field of Action", was included in the publication, MAP 2013 - The Workbook. In 2014 she was highlighted twice for her work: On Feburary 20, Big Red & Shiny featured her in their Boston Common blog series and on August 29, by Future Boston in their Local Heroes blog series. In MassMedia's special edition - Fall 2015 and in its October 2014 issue, she was featured in its series MassMedia's -UMass Boston's 50 at 50 Years.

*Although born in Boston, the City of Quincy, Massachusetts is where Bitetti grew up and in high school she volunteered at the Quincy Historical Society.